Mission & Values


Specializing in user-focused solutions, B-Line develops Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that provide high end-user productivity; help visualize large amounts of complex and interrelated information; are built upon scaleable infrastructures to accommodate change and growth; and allow the user to interact with the data and information in real-time. Through the use of RIAs, B-Line is able to transform complex data architectures into streamlined applications that are both lightweight and have visual impact. Scalable and flexible back-ends enable B-Line's applications to be deployed across multiple platforms and replace awkward page-driven interactions – such as configurators, shopping carts, and multi-step forms – with rich applications that mimic the responsiveness of desktop GUI’s. Our Priorities? Speed, scalability, robustness, and most importantly, a superior user experience.


B-Line values individuality and respects the unique diversity of all individuals. We employ the highest level of ethical integrity and our customers and employees all agree that the trust we build in our relationships stem from our commitment to upholding these values.


We will listen, collaborate and deliver.

At B-Line Express, our clients are our most important assets. We will listen to your goals, objectives and challenges because no one knows your challenges better than you. We will collaborate with you because partnerships brings about beautiful applications. We will deliver the best possible solution for your challenges in a timely fashion.